Nanacast vs. Zaxaa

Recently, a product was released by Welly Mulia called Zaxaa. It looks like a great product and in full disclosure, I’ve been an affiliate of Welly’s for quite some time. So I don’t want this review to come across in a negative light.  However, on the salespage, Welly compares Zaxaa vs Nanacast, Ontraport and InfusionSoft. I’m not sure why he chose to compare any of these platforms since they are are so deeply different to Zaxaa. I believe a better comparison would include JVZoo, DigiResults, Payspree and other Paypal-style marketplaces. Although the existing facts on the salespage are true, there are quite a few Nanacast features missing that should have been included. Here’s a small list of Nanacast features Welly failed to include on the salespage because Zaxaa doesn’t offer them. I’ll add more with time.

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Nanacast: How it Works, Basic Order Process & Flow

This video explains exactly how Nanacast works with your website and an autoresponder such as Aweber, GetResponse, etc. It explains the fundamental sales funnel that 99% of marketers use to capture leads, convert them and continue to pitch them on upgrades. I easily sell this information…but I’ve chosen to release it for free since I feel Nanacast is a superb solution for marketers.

After watching this, you should have a clear understanding about Nanacast’s role in your sales funnel and marketing system.

Creating these videos is time consuming. Please support my efforts by using the links on the page to signup. Yes, FTC dudes, I get a commission in return for providing some value to marketers.

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Nanacast vs. InfusionSoft: Which Is Better?

Nanacast vs InfusionSoft. Which is better? I’ve had the fortunate experience of working with InfusionSoft and Nanacast firsthand. Both are amazing platforms. Recently, I had to make a move from DLGuard to one of these two systems. I was looking for a solution that offered powerful Affiliate management, One-Time Offers (Upsells/Downsells) and Membership management. I wanted everything under one roof…except for the newsletter. I use GetResponse and highly recommend outsourcing your email management to professionals like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp or Lyris. Trust me on this one…you don’t want your list being managed by non-dedicated email professionals…there’s simply too much at stake.

While searching for solution, 1ShoppingCart might have been an option but I didn’t like their Upsell/OTO solution too much. And paying extra for unlimited OTO’s was simply a turn off. Sorry 1SC.

I’ll cut to the chase…I chose Nanacast (in case the title of this site didn’t give it away 😉 ).

If you really want to dive into the Nanacast vs. InfusionSoft rabbithole watch the video below. I’ve received several emails from existing InfusionSoft customer that state my review is “dead on”.

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A Real Life Review of Nanacast

Before I review Nanacast, I need to explain a bit about myself so you can see my “angle”.

In the past decade, I’ve obtained over 12 certifications from Microsoft, Cisco and CompTIA. I have learned Coldfusion, PHP, XHTML/CSS, MySQL, SQL and other languages. I’ve also messed with nearly every CMS out there. From Joomla to Drupal to CMSMadeSimple to WordPress and everything in-between.

In the past 6 months, I’ve also dived into the world of InfusionSoft as a web developer. Specifically, my biggest client made the switch and I came along.

I have a unique “eye” into marketing and the technical side behind it. I’ve sat along on 6 figure launches and seen the tactics and work involved.

It’s because of this unique insight that I chose Nanacast as my own personal delivery platform.

Why? Well…for many reasons. But the single biggest reason is simple.

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