Nanacast vs. Zaxaa

Recently, a product was released by Welly Mulia called Zaxaa. It looks like a great product and in full disclosure, I’ve been an affiliate of Welly’s for quite some time. So I don’t want this review to come across in a negative light.  However, on the salespage, Welly compares Zaxaa vs Nanacast, Ontraport and InfusionSoft. I’m not sure why he chose to compare any of these platforms since they are are so deeply different to Zaxaa. I believe a better comparison would include JVZoo, DigiResults, Payspree and other Paypal-style marketplaces. Although the existing facts on the salespage are true, there are quite a few Nanacast features missing that should have been included. Here’s a small list of Nanacast features Welly failed to include on the salespage because Zaxaa doesn’t offer them. I’ll add more with time.

Physical Products

Nanacast offers the ability to ship customers a physical product via Kunaki, Vervante and This is a great way to increase profits in case customers want hard copies of information products. Zaxaa does not ship physical products.

Free Products

Want to bring someone into your funnel with a free product and show an upsell immediately afterwards? Nanacast can do this. At this time, I can’t find a way to create a free product on Zaxaa.

Redirect Affiliates to Webinars, Blogs and Any Page, Anywhere

Nanacast can create an affiliate link for a webinar, blog page, forum…anything. This means the affiliate cookie gets dropped and any purchases that occur from the customes’s IP address or cookie are credited accordingly.

Premium Podcasts

Nanacast provides the ability to create premium, paid podcasts and integrates out of the box with iTunes.

Upsell – OTO – Downsell Split Testing

Need to split test your OTO, Downsells and Upsells? Nanacast can do it.

Merchant Processors Supported

Nanacast integrates with 18 Payment processors including PayPal Standard, PayPal Adaptive Payments, Paypal Website Payments Pro, Paypal PayFlow Pro,, gateway (and all NMI white labels), gateway, (Australia and NZ),,,,,,,,,, 2Checkout. Zaxaa doesn’t offer these many processors.

Sales Tax Collection/Reporting

Need to collect sales tax in your State? Nanacast provides out of the box support for State specific taxes and provides the necessary reporting for your accountant.

Nanacast vs. Zaxaa Conclusion

I love Zaxaa and Nanacast, but I don’t think it’s a fair comparison (for Zaxaa). In my opinion, these two platforms exist on separate levels. Zaxaa is a great solution for beginner-intermediate marketers while Nanacast clearly serves the beginner-advanced marketer.

2 thoughts on “Nanacast vs. Zaxaa”

  1. Hi
    Jesus read your blog on NANACAST, and I’m seriously considering Nanacast

    here’s my current dilemma now i was hoping if you can shed some light.
    I like to create a Evergreen webinar selling a big ticket offer at $2 – 3k price range with a 2 Tier Affiliate system in place
    I’ve been selling High ticket stuff but mostly through Phone calls and payment is usually made via Paypal or Bank wire.

    anyways some questions here.

    Q1: In nanacast Can my Affiliate see their referrals by logging in to an admin area?
    Q2: If for example I lost my PP account for whatever reason can my customers still pay via Paypal to Nanacast?

    Also is there Anything else I should be concerned about?

    Thanks in advance Jesus!

    • Hi Brandon. Here’s the answers:

      Q1: In nanacast Can my Affiliate see their referrals by logging in to an admin area?
      At Tier 1, they can’t see actual names or details. Only the total payout due to them. I’m not sure about Tier 2, though. I recommend contacting and asking.

      Q2: If for example I lost my PP account for whatever reason can my customers still pay via Paypal to Nanacast?
      Nope. The payments are flowing through your Paypal account, not Nanacast’s. However, Nanacast offers a LOT of integrations with NMI, Stripe, Paypal, and many others. So it’s possible to have multiple merchant account backups in case of locked accounts. You just hit 1 button and everything cuts over for all your offers in Nanacast.