Nanacast vs. Zaxaa

Recently, a product was released by Welly Mulia called Zaxaa. It looks like a great product and in full disclosure, I’ve been an affiliate of Welly’s for quite some time. So I don’t want this review to come across in a negative light.  However, on the salespage, Welly compares Zaxaa vs Nanacast, Ontraport and InfusionSoft. I’m not sure why he chose to compare any of these platforms since they are are so deeply different to Zaxaa. I believe a better comparison would include JVZoo, DigiResults, Payspree and other Paypal-style marketplaces. Although the existing facts on the salespage are true, there are quite a few Nanacast features missing that should have been included. Here’s a small list of Nanacast features Welly failed to include on the salespage because Zaxaa doesn’t offer them. I’ll add more with time.

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