Nanacast vs Rapid Action Profits, SimpleMemberPro, EasyMemberPro, LFM, BFM, Delavo

If you selling products online for any amount of time, you are probably looking for an all-in-one marketing solution. After working closely with Rapid Action Profits, Simple Member Pro, Easy Member Pro and other self-hosted products (that were difficult to install), I finally decided on Nanacast.

Once I attained a certain level of success, my main concern shifted to one-time offers, upsells and downsells. These one-time offers would allow additional products to be sold after the sale was complete, with one true click. PayPal does not support this at all. That’s why RAP, SMP and EMP simply didn’t cut it for my needs. They’re based solely on Paypal. If they do show One time offers, it requires customers to log into Paypal again and authorize another purchase.

I had personally been using DLGuard (a great beginner solution) but realized it was limiting my potential. So I looked around for true One-Click Upsell scripts. I only found a few. Butterfly Marketing was not a solution because support was nonexistent (look for yourself). Launch Formula Marketing was not an option because it was really difficult to implement. And Delavo requires tons of plugins ($thousands) to get you where Nanacast starts you out with.

The other solutions only used Paypal and as we all know…Paypal is very limited (no upsells) and risky (reversing transactions for no reason). So after applying for an account, I opened up my Nanacast account.

Right from the beginning, It had following marketing solutions:

* Unlimited Tree-based or Linear One Time Offers, Upsells or Downsells
* True One-Click Upsells
* Unlimited Drip-fed Membership Areas or Products
* Secure Amazon S3 Product Delivery
* Customer Relation Management Area
* Powerful Expiring and Affiliate Coupon Management
* Affiliate Management and Commission Protection
* Hosted Sales page (in case you don’t have a host)

Everything I needed was there. My ability to import members was quick and easy and I migrated my customer base of 500 from DLGuard to Nanacast within 4 hours. That includes the time it took to setup the Membership area with download links. Insane.

So if you’re looking for a platform to deliver digital product and membership and don’t want to waste your time with installations or difficult-to-install scripts, give Nanacast consideration.

8 thoughts on “Nanacast vs Rapid Action Profits, SimpleMemberPro, EasyMemberPro, LFM, BFM, Delavo”

  1. Hi Jesus

    I like your comparisons of Nanacast and other solutions very much. I was leaning towards Nanacast rather than Confusionsoft (whoops!) and your coverage has confirmed that.

    As I prepare to get into it, a stumbling block I know will arise is the payment solution.

    This is because I am in the UK. I believe getting an account will be difficult with a US presence. This is not impossible to get, but is an extra hurdle to cross. With your knowledge of Nanacast and how it works, I would appreciate very much if you can suggest any directions to look in to get a satisfactory payment solution from the UK.

    At the moment I am just thinking go with PP Pro – but then as I think aloud – I have just heard you say that PP block one click upsells. So that’s no good!

    Any ideas? Else I will maybe just have to form a US company and go from there.

    (Merchant account providers in the UK are generally a nightmare to get registered with.)

    Many thanks for any ideas on this topic.

    Thanks again for the insightful Nanacast review, and comparisons with other systems.


  2. Although…. knowing Delavo and other major players (inc. Infusion, 1SC, RAP, etc.) – Delavo is year-and-years ahead of any solutions available.

    To bad people don’t know this because it’s less marketed and less popular. Funny how people go NOT for the BEST, but for what other’s are using. AKA: Heard mentality. It’s human nature. 🙂

    • I think I got a free license to Delavo when it was released. I was turned off by the lack of functionality without purchasing $1000’s in plugins. But I recently heard it was sold off or something? Can you still get the extra plugins? Who owns it now?

  3. great review, anyone can compare all of this with the profits theme?not just a theme for wordpress but it can built to be a membership site too..
    but i dont have a enough skill to design a sales lettter on wordpress
    what i need is a simple script wich is compatible with free wsiwyg editor like nvu
    im gonna try the EMP first..

    • I use Profits Theme and it does a great job creating a simple membership site with Paypal or Clickbank. Plus it takes care of the salespage, buttons…everything. You can learn more about it here:

  4. I have been doing research on shopping carts, and I am stunned that nanacast website has no sales dept phone number that can be used to ask questions about their business. Also watching several videos about Nanacast, there were several references to a month trial period, but effectively it is 7 days.
    Is there a way to contact the sales dept. at Nanacast?

    • Not sure about the trial. I remember it being 30 days but that was years ago. It might have changed since then. As for phone numbers, you are correct. There aren’t any. They provide support by email and they are very responsive. You can reach them here to gauge their response times or simply look through their knowledgebase.