Nanacast: How it Works, Basic Order Process & Flow

This video explains exactly how Nanacast works with your website and an autoresponder such as Aweber, GetResponse, etc. It explains the fundamental sales funnel that 99% of marketers use to capture leads, convert them and continue to pitch them on upgrades. I easily sell this information…but I’ve chosen to release it for free since I feel Nanacast is a superb solution for marketers.

After watching this, you should have a clear understanding about Nanacast’s role in your sales funnel and marketing system.

Creating these videos is time consuming. Please support my efforts by using the links on the page to signup. Yes, FTC dudes, I get a commission in return for providing some value to marketers.

20 thoughts on “Nanacast: How it Works, Basic Order Process & Flow”

  1. Hi Jesus,
    I am 99% sure that I am going to switch to Nanacast. It looks really good. However, I do have three questions that I have not seen answered.
    I am going to set up an ongoing course. The lessons in this course are to be delivered every two weeks via e-mail. In other words, like an autoresponder and there will be about 25 or more lessons delivered over a years time. So each time a person signs up, the first lesson is sent out to them and when someone else signs up a week later they will get the first lesson also. So each person will be getting the same lessons but at different times. I will not be sending all my customers the same e-mail all at once at least not very often.
    My question is this. Once the person signs up for my course, how does Nanacast handle this customer. Are they put into a list on Aweber (which I already use) and then I create the autoresponders in Aweber and Aweber then sends out the lessons every two weeks?
    And what about multiple products? If someone buys another product, will they be put into another unique list on Aweber? Right now, my 1 shopping cart program cannot do this.
    If I do sign up, I will try it out on just one of my products first. If I find that it is not working say with 30 days etc, is there any money back guarantee?
    Thanks for any help with this.

    • David,

      I don’t recommend delivering lessons via email autoresponders. If you deliver it within a secure membership area (with username/password), they can login to view the lesson AND you can use that time to cross-promote offers or present offers. It’s a great way to build revenue and protect your content. Plus, you don’t need to worry about lessons being put in the Junk or Spam folder by email providers. I recommend putting the lessons in a secure area, then using the Autoresponder to let them know it’s ready for viewing. Nanacast can drip out the content and you simply need to mirror the drip in Aweber when notifying them.

      If you insist on delivering lessons via Autoresponder, Nanacast seems like serious overkill for your simple needs. Check out DLGuard. It lets you sell unlimited products and automatically adds buyers to whatever list you want in Aweber. Very easy software and I recommend it for smaller operations. The best way to use DLGuard is to purchase it and place it in a generic “shopping cart” style domain name. I personally registered and used

  2. Thanks for getting back to me so fast.
    I am not set on using autoresponders if Nanacast can do the same thing. Your suggestion on how to do this in conjunction with Aweber makes sense.
    If I understand correctly, when I set up a drip, it only shows up on one individual’s member page at a time depending which lesson he is on. Is that correct?
    Once I get it up and running and I will take you up on your offer for a 30 minute session to make sure that I got it right. When I went back to look for this offer, I couldn’t find it. Is it still available?

    • Yes, It shows up on Nanacast’s member area after X amount of specified days have passed. You set that up before launch day.

      Let’s say you create 3 weekly lessons (their called Episodes in Nanacast). You want to show one lesson each week with the 1st lesson being available immediately. When it’s setup, you’ll have lesson one shown on day 0. Lesson 2 on day 7 and finally, Lesson 3 on day 14.

      You also setup the same timing at Aweber. Or…to be safe, set it up a day later to adjust for time zone changes. So in Aweber, you setup an autoresponder to email them about Lesson 2 on Day 8 and Lesson 3 on Day 15. 😉

      It’s a great way to drive traffic to a member’s area for additional upsells and engagement.

      The offer is still open to you. However, I’ve officially pulled the offer due to time constraints (and upcoming personal launches). Let me know if you’re interested, David.

  3. I apologize for not being able to make myself clear. I really appreciate your time to answer my concerns and maybe your answer does that but to make sure, let me try one more time.
    Your answer assumes that my course starts at the same time for everyone. It will not. For example, if you signed up for my course today, I would send you lesson #1 today. Another person signs up the next month. They will get Lesson #1 sent to them. In the mean time, you have received Lessons # 2 & 3. I can’t send lessons #2 & 3 to the second person yet because they haven’t done lesson #1. Everyone would be getting the lessons at different times depending on when they signed up. So, it is not like taking a course at the university where everyone starts the class at the same time.
    The other question is about different products. If I have one course on Basketball and another course on tennis, will Nanacast, be able to put these students in different lists when they send the info to Aweber? My other shopping cart cannot.

    • Yes, Nanacast will start individual courses based on their unique signup dates and drip according to the unique signup date.

      Yes, each product has its own Aweber list. Or you can put them in the same list. Choice is yours.

  4. Awesome. Thanks. I will be getting the program as soon as I get my courses set up. Hopefully by the first of next month.

  5. Hey, nice little synopsis of what Nanacast can do.
    I am going to take the plunge today and set up my subscription.
    As a thanks for taking the time to put together that cool presentation, I am more than happy to click your affiliate link.
    Ian Ainslie

  6. Oh, by the way I love this blog template. Where can I get me a copy?


  7. This video was really helpful, but I do have something I’m confused about and I think it’s just terminology. I have a downloadable product that I’m selling; my site in on WordPress, have S3 for storage of the files, currently have mailchimp (looking at awebber), and considering what to use for sales. When someone buys my product they are buying what I call a subscription – multiple videos that will come to them 1 at a time on a weekly basis as they are released. With Nanacast will the buyer receive a download link in the thank you email? Can I ensure that the link is only for 1 download?

    • What you’re referring to is called “time-released” content, “gradual delivery” or “drip feeding”. I’ll use the term drip-feeding. Nanacast drips the content inside their member’s area and/or via a private, protected RSS feed in iTunes. That means someone can plug in their iPod/iPhone and iTunes will automatically fetch the new movies in the order you specified and download them to the device. Or they can simply login to the members area on the right date and download/view the content.

      It does not deliver content via email. But it does provide the member username/password or secure RSS feed link right after purchase via email. However, if you’re dripping videos every week, they will not be able to access week 2 until week 2 actually arrives.

  8. Great, that was very helpful! That is pretty much what I want to do. I was looking at the costs and it’s unlimited products and memberships; 10,000 subscriptions (then more per 1,000 subscriptions); is the monthly cost all – no per transaction fees from Nanacast?

  9. Can Nanacast be used in the traditional online shop scenario (add to cart, continue shopping (with the page it goes back to decided by you), checkout etc) with a shopping basket visible on the website for shoppers to know what they have bought etc.


    • No, Andy. For that, you’ll need something like UltraCart, Volusion or SunShop.

  10. What a great resource your site is. I’m a Nanacast fan and user as well, but your videos are great and explain the features very well.

  11. David,

    I’m currently using e-junkie as my shopping cart solution and I have a Video Product which I’m allowing to be downloaded from Amazon S3 (not sure if this is the smartest thing to do) but what e-junkie does not allow me to do is offer OTO’s However, I’m wondering if nanacast is over kill for what I am trying to accomplish. I noticed you mentioned DLguard. Could this work for me as well? That is can I use DL guard for OTO’s but if I use DL Gaurd, what about implementing an OTO? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,