Nanacast Comparison Chart

Below is a full comparison chart between Nanacast, InfusionSoft and 1ShoppingCart. This is a work in progress…If you see incorrect data, please post a comment below. Thanks.

Nanacast InfusionSoft 1ShoppingCart


No software to install Yes Yes Yes
Secure and Certified HTTPS/SSL Shopping Cart Yes Yes Yes


Secure Download Links Yes No Yes
OTO/Upsells Yes No Yes
Price Increase per Sale (Dimesale) Yes No Maybe


Secure Members Area Yes No No
Dripfed (Timed) Content Release Yes No No

Coupon Management

Coupon Management Yes Yes Yes
Expiring Coupon by Date Yes No Maybe
Expiring by Quantity Yes No Maybe

Affiliate Management

Tracking by Cookie Yes Yes Yes
Tracking by IP Address Yes No No
Prevent Affiliate Theft Yes No No
Assign Coupons to Affiliates Yes No No
Override Commissions for Specific Affiliates Yes Yes Maybe

6 thoughts on “Nanacast Comparison Chart”

  1. Loved this comparison chart! Thanks so much…

    One thing I’m not clear on that’s not covered here…

    Does Nanacast have the ability to have the orderpage on the salespage? And/or, the ability to customize the order page beyond just a logo and some colors?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Nanacast gives you a link you can place on your sales page. When the link is clicked, the visitor is then taken to Nanacasts servers to order. The Nanacast order page can be customized. I offer this service for free if you purchase Nanacast using this link.

  2. Great review, thank you. What if someone shares a video or file link that’s within the membership site in Nanacast with someone else – will they be able to access the link or it is secure to the membership area?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Nanacast accesses the files using an Amazon S3 secret key and passphrase. If someone discovers the link and passes it around, it will be inaccessible without the secret keys (which only the Nanacast owners knows).

    • DLGuard doesn’t offer 1-click upsells out of the box (unless you’re approved for Clickbank’s Upsell feature). That puts it in a much simpler category of it’s own and not suitable for comparison. I got started with DLGuard, so I highly recommend it for beginners that want to get downloads and basic member areas setup quickly.