How to Launch a Product Webinar with Affiliates in Nanacast

Here is a common question I receive about Nanacast. A lot of vendors would like to run a webinar where affiliates send them traffic and receive commissions for the referral to the webinar. Can Nanacast do this? Yes, it can.

Let’s get a bit more detailed. A vendor wants to launch a new product or run an evergreen webinar and they have some dedicated super affiliates that can send a massive amount of traffic to the webinar event. The affiliate, however, wants to get guaranteed commissions, and they also want to get a better payout than regular affiliates.

In Nanacast, this is easy to set up. The first step, is to set up a brand-new membership that is free. You can hide this membership from the Affiiate center or make it public. Regardless of your choice, inside of that membership’s affiliate settings, you’ll need to set the landing page URL to your GoToWebinar link as shown below.

Nanacast GoToWebinar Setup for Affiliate Webinars

Once that’s set up, tell your super affiliate to send traffic to this new free membership. If you enabled the membership to appear in the Affiliate Center, the affiliate can simply login and grab their own unique link. Once the affiliate sends traffic, Nanacast will drop their unique Nanacast tracking cookie and instantly redirect visitor’s to your webinar event to sign up. Even better, Nanacast will track the sale by cookie, IP address, and even email if the referred visitor has previously signed up to one of your free or paid products with Nanacast.

As for the elevated commission payout, you can simply create a coupon that is unique to the affiliate and give it to them to promote in order to receive their commission. The affiliate’s visitors don’t even need to type in the coupon code. They will be instantly recognized by Nanacast if you enable the setting as shown below.

Nanacast Affiliate Coupon

That’s how you run a product webinar with affiliates in Nanacast.