Does Nanacast Integrate and Work with WSOPro or WarriorPlus?

Is Nanacast compatible with WSOPro or WarriorPlus? In this article, I’ll discuss whether Nanacast and WSOPro services can be integrated.

Nanacast and WarriorPlus/WSOPro

Out of the box, the 2 services are not “plug and play” ready to work with each other. However, they are pretty easy to integrate for an API programmer to integrate.

WarriorPlus/WSOPro and Nanacast, in particular, both have API’s. This allows WSOPro’s Forwarding IPN to send payment details to Nanacast’s Incoming API. When Nanacast receives the customer details, creates the customer account with the incoming information and instantly emails the customer their login information. From there, Nanacast takes over and secures the membership access and, optionally, adds your customer to your Autoresponder of choice. Nanacast can even send out a physical product via Kunaki or Vervante. All of this happens instantly and is invisible to your customers. The only thing you need to put on your WarriorPlus/WSOPro Thank You page is some basic “check your email” verbiage. Unfortunately, the IPN information on the WarriorPlus website is a bit lacking. You may need to contact Mike Lantz about the Forwarding IPN functionality.

In addition, once the customer logs into Nanacast, you can present additional one time offers and upgrades for their membership.

Hiring an API programmer on oDesk,, or other marketplace shouldn’t cost more than $50-$150. Just be sure to thoroughly check references before hiring for a project.