Nanacast Integration with GoToWebinar

If you’re trying to integrate Nanacast with GoToWebinar, I just found the solution a few minutes ago after many hours of testing and tweaking. Steve’s old code wasn’t working any more due to changes at GoToWebinar.

First, Activate the Advanced Outgoing API.

Then, in the Nanacast Notification URL, just paste the following while making edits to the red text shown below:{u_firstname}&registrant.surname={u_lastname}&{u_email}

Replace the red XXXXXXXXXXXX with your webinar number. This can be found in the registration URL of your webinar like shown below.

That’s it. You can add a test member in Nanacast to test the GoToWebinar integration. Anyone making a purchase is instantly added to the webinar. Although not tested, you can probably sign them up to multiple webinars at once by using the additional API Notification fields.

I’ve also submitted this solution to the Nanacast Support website.